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Most of us living in South Africa are finding ourselves in a country where the cost of living is getting increasingly more expensive everyday. Fuel and Food being at the top of the list with Interest Rate increases affecting just about everything. However your salary does not go up monthly with inflation so most people have no other choice but to go into debt just to survive. The uneasy fact is that this is only the beginning - Everywhere in the papers and on the news we hear that it is going to get a lot worse before it get's better.
You need to make a decision that will affect the rest of your financial future....

This website's purpose is to help you, by introducing you to various business opportunities around the country and around the globe,
that will generate you an extra passive income.

If you would like to earn some extra money (and let's face it, we all want to) you need to take the first step...
Find something you can do, like to do and that makes enough money for you!

Most (if not all) passive income opportunities involve marketing and usually in a multi-level system where you earn commissions on your direct referals, and on some also your 2nd, 3rd and so forth levels.
Your first objective should be to break even (so that the product doesn't cost you any money) and after that you will automatically start making money, providing you with an extra passive income every month.

You get mainly 2 different ways of refferal:

  Electronic Personal
Description Through e-mail & internet correspondence Usually need to take people to business presentation at specific location
Requirements Computer, Internet Access, Personal E-mail Account Cell Phone, Transport, Good People Skills
Pro's 1. Can do from home or anywhere, any time
2. A lot of FREE or small money investment opportunities
3. No geographical constraints
1. Income per referal much higher
2. Quicker return on investment
3. Usually needs less referals to break even
4. Can reach a high passive figure like 1 million much faster, with less refferals
5. Personal Interaction with Company & Members assuring you of your expectations
Con's 1. Income per referal usually not big, but a high quantity can add up to big figures
2. Your income takes longer to hit your bank account
3. Not always sure about company and whether they will pay you in the end
1. Higher investment/deposit to start your business
2. Time intensive
2. Extra costs like phone calls
3. Usually area confined

Shake Hands       IMPORTANT:
We will not introduce you to any illegal schemes at all, we strictly work with legal companies associated with the DSA (Direct Selling Association)

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